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Custom Doctor Who TARDIS Dress

Can we get more TARDIS dresses please?

As sarcastic as that sounds, I am serious. We need more Doctor Who dresses like these (Dress 1, Dress 2, and Dress 3) and especially like the one below.

Doctor Who Tardis Dress

Etsy shop Smarmy Clothes out of Kalamazoo creates a number of geeky dresses, some custom and some not… but all made to order.

The TARDIS one is one of our favorite on the list:

This dress features custom designed and printed Tardis fabric that is exclusive to SmarmyClothes. The realistic print features wood grain detail, and if you look closely, you’ll see Big Ben reflected in the windows!

The dress is a nice $149, but we feel that’s more than worth it.

Buy on Etsy: Custom Doctor Who Dress



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